YITH Event Tickets For Woocommerce Premium 1.25.0

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Version 1.25.0 › Updated 2023-05-19


YITH Event Tickets For Woocommerce Premium

Sell and manage event tickets just like the biggest online agencies do

Have you ever thought about organizing an event, a party or a meeting?

Many people try to arrange these and a lot of them give up right after seeing that there are so many things to consider in order to organize an event the best way.

One of the biggest issues regarding events management is selling tickets, which needs to be handled with care or you risk to jeopardize the entire event.

This is the main reason why we often rely on external services that will take a percentage of your earnings, affecting your overall income and public image of your company.

It might prove tricky to handle sales, payments and event entries, getting one wrong during the sales phase might generate complex issues such as people with unassigned seats or who bought the tickets but don’t appear in the buyers’ list or people who might have lost their tickets and so on…

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! Imagine having to manage two or three events at the same time without having full control over all of their aspects.

Without an adequate level of control, it would be chaos.
So today is your lucky day! We are going to solve every single problem related to ticket handling using a WooCommerce plugin that will make your life a lot easier!

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets you will be able to sell tickets for all sorts of events.

All you need to do is select the event, insert the required location information, type and number of seats, expiration date and a few other pieces of information and you will allow your customers to purchase and print tickets in just a few clicks.

You will get information about each and every single one of them and you will have the entire process under control. You will also be able to handle the prices dynamically, rising them when only a few tickets are left or when the event date draws near.

You will finally get your hands on an easy and simple way to handle this kind of scenario and solve all of the issues that are common while trying to organize events and sell their tickets.


Sell physical and virtual tickets on your online shop

In case of the physical ticket, apply shipping costs just as for any other product

Enable sales of reduced-price ticket

And provide details about requirements for enjoying reduced-price tickets

Reduced price for ticket

Enable the stock management on tickets

Set the stock quantity and it will automatically decrease each time a ticket is sold

Set stock quantity for event tickets product

Sell your tickets at an increased price based on the quantity left

Create one or more availability thresholds and set a different price for each of them

Increase price based on stock

Increase the ticket price based on the days left

A different price based on the number of days left till the event starts

Increase price by time

Give the event a start date and an end date

This information will be displayed in the event details page

Set start and end date of event

Ask users for more details to be added to the ticket

Choose the number and the type of input fields (text, textarea, number, email address, date, yes/no)and combine them in your events at your will

Event tickets fields

Add one or more optional services to the event

For each of them you can set the available quantity and the price that will be added to the ticket price

Show the event location on the map

Thanks to the Google Maps service

Set location map

Add the tab “Assistance” in the event page

And show the complete list of organizers and participants

Organizers and Assistants tab

Generate the PDF for the ticket

Each user can download it from My Account page on the site

Generate PDF of event ticket

Give users the possibility to see ticket details in “My Account” page

And each order will show details of the related ticket

Event ticket details in My Account page

Associate one or more files to event type product

User can download the files from My Account page after completing the order

Attach file to ticket

Track all the sold tickets

From the “Tickets” section in your website back office

Purchased tickets

Enjoy the Google Calendar integration

And your event will be added to your Google Calendar with one click

Integration with Google Calendar

Customize the ticket default template

By adding your custom images and text

Customize event ticket

Help users spot the scheduled events

By adding the calendar on a sidebar where dates and events are added

Event tickets calendar

Export tickets to CSV

Or view all information directly on your browser

Export tickets to CSV

Use the shortcode for ticket search on the front end

The form will be shown only to the site administrator and shop manager

Shortcode Event Tickets

Check-in for your tickets

To discern whether they are used or unused tickets

Event Check-in

Identify your tickets with a barcode

By combining the plugin with the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes

Bar code in event ticket

Scan the order or ticket barcode

To speed the search and check in of your tickets

Barcode in ticket

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