YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons & Extra Options 4.10.0

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Version 4.10.0 › Updated 2024-02-15


YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons & Extra Options


The ultimate tool to add options and extra services (free or paid) to your products and offer them to your users


WooCommerce allows selling any type of product and lets users choose simple variations, like size and color.

Yet, this is not enough. If you sell your products online, you most likely need more advanced options. For example, if you sell rings or jewelry, you might need to let your customers add a custom text to be engraved in a piece of jewelry or choose carats for a gemstone, the size, the color for gold.

If you sell T-shirts, cups, and other custom items, you certainly need a field to let your customers upload files, like their photos, during the checkout process. Or if you run an e-commerce site for tech products, you might want to offer warranty and assistance services for an extra cost or allow users to select a large number of options like RAM, processor, screen size, weight, etc.

Some options might have a cost higher than others or require a dependency and show only after a specific selection has been made by the user. All these scenarios need a versatile and powerful tool to help you add an unlimited number of options, of any kind, to a product page.

With YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons & Extra Options, you can create several blocks of options to insert in your products: after creating the block, you can add the options you need by choosing elements through an amazing library (input fields, text areas, select dropdowns, checkboxes, images, labels, radio buttons, upload fields, date pickers, etc.). For each option, you can set an additional cost, which will be added to the standard product price, and, in a few minutes, you’ll be ready to sell complex or customizable products and offer any kind of optional service to your customers.


Create unlimited blocks of options to show on specific products or product categories

Create a block of options for all products in a certain category, another block for a specific product, the third block for another different product, and so on. The plugin allows creating and configuring an unlimited number of blocks, each of them with an unlimited number of options. The key idea behind it is, as usual, flexibility.

Blocks of options
Block types

Populate every block by choosing one or more options among the ones available in the library

Pick the options you want to add to the block from the options library provided. To present your product options, you can use checkboxes, select dropdowns, file upload fields, input fields, color swatches, textual labels or labels with images, date pickers, and much more.

Promote products as additional options

Since version 2.0, you can select a product as an option: this way, on the product detail page, you can suggest one or more products or related services, side options, and push the user to add them all in bulk to the cart in just one click.

Add extra products
Customize options

Customize every option to show it the way you like it

Once the option has been added to the block, you can customize the way it appears on the product page: set which title and/or a description to show; add a tooltip and image to easily identify the option (you can also choose to whether this image will replace the default product image when it is selected by the user); you can also set the option as “required” and decide whether to show it as selected by default on the page.

Set the price (regular and on-sale one) for every option or set a percentage value that will add or detract from the final product price

For every single option you can choose whether it can be selected by the user for free, if it will add an extra cost to the base price (a fixed or percentage surcharge on the product price) or if, on the other hand, selecting it will apply a discount on the product price. Additionally, in the block options, you can choose whether to offer the first options chosen by the user for free (e.g. you sell a pizza and the first three ingredients selected by the user are included in the pizza price, but from the forth one on, every additional topping will come at an extra cost).

Calculate price as fixed or percent
Options in a vertical line or grid

Choose whether to show the options in a vertical line or in a grid

Choose whether to show the options in a vertical layout, so one below the other, or show them in a horizontal grid. In the latter case, you can set the number of columns into which the options will be divided.

Create dependencies rules (conditional logic) to show or hide the options based on the user’s selection

The dependency rules make the plugin even more powerful and show or hide specific options based on what the user selects. For example, you can show the express shipping option only to users who select the region where this delivery option is available; or show the file upload field only to users who have checked the option to customize the product.

Conditional logic


Single or multiple selection

Choose whether the user can only pick one of the options available or select multiple ones

For every block of options, you can choose whether the user can make multiple selections (e.g., select more colors from the color swatches) or if only one of the available options can be chosen.


Set the options as mandatory and define the minimum and maximum number of options that the user can select and add to the cart

You can set specific quantity rules for the number of options the user has to choose. This is both possible for a minimum number of selected options and the maximum number of options. For example, customizing a garden shed requires at least two options but no more than six before the product is added to the cart.

Range of selectable options
Option visibility

Choose whether the options will be visible to all users, only to registered ones, or to specific user roles only

For every block of options, you can set some visibility rules and decide whether the options will be visible to all users (also guests) or if they will be available only for registered users or specific user roles only.

Choose where on the product page the options will be displayed

Choose where on the page the block with options will show up (before or after the “Add to cart” button), and customize the “Select options” button in WooCommerce loops (i.e., the product shortcodes, the Shop page, the category pages, and so on.)

Options position
Hide Cart button

Hide the “Add to cart” button until the user selects all options

Enhance the options by hiding the “Add to cart” button until the user has selected every required option. Only after the user has made a selection for all the available options, the button will show up, and the user is able to add the product to the cart.

Choose whether to show the total price, including options on the product page

Do you want to offer transparency about product prices and prevent unwanted higher prices in the cart for your users? You can, by simply enabling the option that allows showing the total product price inclusive of all the options selected by the user on the product page.

Total price
Permissions for file upload

Configure the permissions for file upload fields (accepted file formats, maximum file size, etc.) and enable the option to get the uploaded files as order attachments

If you choose the Upload fields to let your user upload files to the product (like documents, images, graphics, etc.), you can take advantage of the built-in options to set permissions about which file formats are allowed and the maximum size. Also, for better and flawless management, enable the option to send the uploaded files as attachments of the Order confirmation emails and choose the folder where all the files will be automatically stored.

Choose whether to show the selected option in the Cart and in the order-related emails

Choose whether to show only the basic product information or also all the options selected by the user. Similarly, you can show or hide the selected options on all the order-related emails.

Show selected options
Customize colors

Customize the style and colors of the options block

In the plugin you will find many options to customize the option blocks. You can use either the theme style (for checkboxes, radio buttons, select dropdowns etc) or the plugin style; you can edit colors (block background color, highlight color for the selected option etc), show tooltips and set their color and position, set whether to show the options in a toggle button (open or closed by default), and many more styling options.

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