YITH WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page Premium 2.6.1

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Version 2.6.1 › Updated 2023-12-18


YITH Custom Thank You Page Premium

YITH Custom Thank You Page

The definitive solution to customize the WooCommerce Thank You page

Thanking customers for the order placed in your store is a fundamental step if you aim to offer a positive buying experience and loyalize customers.

Showing gratitude towards users who trust your brand and products is very important, and doing it in the right way can turn into an efficient upsell strategy or a way to encourage the customer to place a new order soon.

The default Thank you page of WooCommerce is pretty basic and not very captivating as it only shows a predefined message and the order details. With YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce, you can create your custom Thank you pages and include any type of content: a picture or an original photo, the Customer Care contact info, an emotional text, a selection of items to offer as upsell products, a 15% coupon to use with the next order…All these elements can catch your customers’ attention and make them feel at home; this will make a difference and will encourage them to purchase again in your store.


Create unlimited custom Thank you pages

Create a single Thank you page for all the orders placed on your shop or, if you prefer, multiple pages and configure specific rules to show them based on products or categories purchased by the customer or the payment method they used. Thanks to the rules, you can insert, for example, the assembly instructions or suggest a service for premium delivery ONLY IF they have purchased voluminous products.

YITH Custom Thank You Page
YITH Custom Thank You Page

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6 ready-to-use templates

Do you want to create an effective Thank you page but don’t know where to start? Do not worry! The plugin includes 6 pre-configured templates with images and captivating content. You can edit any template based on your needs and use it in your shop.

Customize the page in an advanced way using the block editor

Each Thank you page is, in effect, a page of your shop that can be built and edited through the block editor. This allows full freedom when creating the page: you can insert anything, such as text columns, pictures or images, a newsletter form, shortcodes to manage advanced content, etc.

YITH Custom Thank You Page
YITH Custom Thank You Page

Customize the order details section and the products table

The most important section of any Thank you page is the one including the order details: products table (with prices and purchased quantity), shipping method, payment method, etc. This section offers the customers an overview of the purchase they’ve just made and allows them to verify the correctness of the info (size, color, quantity, price, etc.). Through the plugin, you can choose the elements to show or hide, and customize colors and typography (for example, you can show product images, an option not available on the default WooCommerce page).

Customize the customer info section

Thanks to the block editor, you can choose where the customer info will show (top, bottom, after products table, etc.), and through the plugin options, you can customize colors, format texts, and choose to show billing and shipping info in the same block or in two columns.

YITH Custom Thank You Page
YITH Custom Thank You Page

Show an upsell section to promote best-seller, featured, or related products

Insert an upsell section on the Thank you page and choose the products to show to your customers among best-seller, featured, or related products based on the purchased items, or choose specific products of your shop. An upsell section on the Thank you page will boost your revenue, improve customer satisfaction and increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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Offer a coupon to encourage customers to make a new purchase

The buying process has come to an end, the order is completed, and the customer is happy and satisfied (enjoying the benefits of endorphins, as proven by some research!): this is the perfect moment to push them to make a new purchase and keep them interested in your shop. How? By offering them a discount for the next order.

YITH Custom Thank You Page
YITH Custom Thank You Page

Increase website traffic by encouraging customers to share purchases on their social profiles

A little extra treat to make your Thank you page more interesting? Let your customers share their purchases on their social profiles or through WhatsApp. It’s a great way to have people talking about your shop and generate traffic, especially if some of your customers are influencers and have many followers on social media 😉

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